u11We work closely alongside contractors to help them register as self employed or form limited companies in order to ensure that they’re paying the correct level of tax on earnings. When hopping from one contract to another it can be a hectic time, especially when you have to keep on top of your books so that you can file accurate tax returns. We specialise in helping contractors through the process of bookkeeping, filing tax returns and of course notifying you of any relevant tax liabilities.



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We’ll take time to understand your specific requirements, then we’ll look at ways to structure your affairs in the most tax efficient manner. It’s then just a case of providing us with your total income and total out-goings, so that we can draw up your books and complete your annual tax return as required by law.

We offer additional services that some contractors may also require, including VAT registration and VAT return completion. No matter how big or small your turnover happens to be as a contractor, we can help you to make sure you’re declaring your income properly and paying the correct level of tax that’s due.



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