u11If you’re looking for a firm with a strong track record of delivering management  accounts for clients, we’re the people you should come to! We have lots of  experience when it comes to working for clients across a wide range of sectors  and industries.


stalwart management accountants

What are management accounts?

Management accounts are interim reports on financial statements of a company. The reports focus on areas including: profit, performance, cash flow, budget and other areas of a business’ finances. These reports are designed to highlight key areas of the business, for management to be able to gauge performance and set goals and targets going forward.Our management account service can form an important part of your target setting procedure, providing the important numbers you need, at a glance. Management accounts help plan for future growth, they’re also useful for analysing the on-going performance of a company.

A lot of companies don’t have the required resources or expertise in-house in order to deliver accurate management accounts on a consistent basis. The good news is that we can deliver the accounts that you require to ensure your management team has the most current financial information to work from going forward.



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